Riviera DEV
⚠ Subject to last-minute changes due to Covid ⚠
Early July 2021?
Near Sophia Antipolis

Riviera DEV 2021

Due to Covid, we had to cancel our 2020 edition, and we can't start planning our 2021 edition as if everything were normal. Riviera DEV will not happen in our usual May period, and likely won't be able to happen in our usual location. But we haven't given up. Those years are crazy? We'll out-crazy them. Our plan is to try to make a smaller conference in early July, that would follow every safety protocol in place, in an exotic location. As a result, the format of the conference will be entirely different, but it will still be the best place to be in 2021. We will announce all details in May, once we get more clarity about the health situation and the legal possibilities. If we cannot organise this in a safe and legal manner, we will cancel our 2021 edition. But if we can, it will be EPIC.
1 day of conferences in the most unexpected location
Early July 2021
Secret location, near Sophia-Antipolis
?? attendees
? sessions


Riviera DEV is a conference by developers, for developers. It is a fun and relax event offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.

Provide a first class tech conference where developers can learn, hack and network.

On the agenda

Conference Day

Early July 2021
Conference Day with several conferences in an exotic location.

Conference Sessions

50 minute sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.

Near Sophia-Antipolis
Near Sophia-Antipolis France

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